The Mirrors

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13 Patient Flowers
(2006) CD

Song Clips
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The Suburban Strate Coat Listen
Patient Flowers Listen
The Lonely Head Listen
The Stars In Their Orbits Listen
I Don't Wanna Wanna Listen
Make 'Em Bleed Listen
Another Lonely Sunday Listen
One Million Strange Painted Days Listen
Some Sweet Sedation Listen
Love Me, Love You? Listen
The Trip Listen
Electric Daydream Listen
Unpink The Pink Listen
A Green Dream
(2005) CD

Song Clips
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My Lovely Lover Listen
A Green Dream Listen
Ecstacy Listen
Alcoholic Midnight Frolic Listen
Creamy Fields Of Doves Listen
Lonely Sunday Listen
The Ad Man Listen
Young Girls Listen
Storm Trooper Listen
Ten Minutes Before Dawn Listen
Interstate 69 Listen
Hitler And Leonard Cohen Listen
Catholic Coma Listen
Greg Ashley solo
Painted Garden
(2007) CD
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Medicine Fuck
(2003) CD
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Gris Gris projects:
For The Season

(2005) CD
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The Gris Gris
(2004) CD
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my Town:    Houston, Texas
my Genre:       Rock     Psychedelia    
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