Tim Bays

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Live - The 3-Legged Dog and Other Tales


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Song Clips

I Digress Listen
He Doesn't Know It Yet Listen
I Told You So Listen
Tattoo Listen
Bottoms Up Listen
The Great Indoorsman Listen
Slim Pickins Listen
The 3-Legged Dog Listen
What Are You Waiting For? Listen
I Wish You Strength Listen
Better Than 
The TV

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Song Clips

Lighten Up Listen
Dreams Listen
The Important Part Of Fishin' Listen
A Ghost Of A Chance Listen
Be A New Man Listen
All Of Me Listen
A Touch Of Genius Listen
It's Magic Listen
Hindsight Listen
It's Me Listen
Better Than The TV Listen
Someone To Love Listen
She's The Only Game In Town Listen
We Were There Listen
Everyday Magic

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Song Clips

Lighten Up Listen
Cheap Thrills Listen
The Important Part Of Fishin' Listen
Hindsight Listen
The Way The World Goes Round Listen
It's Magic Listen
I Believe Listen
One Step Nearer Listen
Go With What You Got Listen
Live With The End In Mind Listen
Peace Beyond The Storm Listen
Shine On Listen

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