Tom Tranchilla

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Tom Tranchilla & Buddy Allen
Acoustic Audio-Dacity
(2010) CD
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Song Clips from
"Acoustic Audio-Dacity"
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Dance With Me Listen
Deep River Blues Listen
Take 5 Listen
Wheels Listen
Classical Gas Listen
Reconstruction Rag Listen
A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square Listen
Cardiac Arrest Listen
The Bell Chimer Listen
In The Woods Listen
Locomotive Rag Listen
Somewhere Over The Rainbow Listen
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Tom Tranchilla
Sketches Of Life
(2005) CD

Song Clips from
"Sketches Of Life"
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In The Woods Listen
The Perfect Woman Listen
Heat Of Day Listen
Cardiac Arrest Listen
Limitless Love Listen
All I Know Listen
Union Man (theme song for "Voices At Work") Listen
Great Divide Listen
Blue Collar Blues Listen
Al's Boogie Listen
Deep River Revisited Listen
That Train
(2001) CD

Song Clips from
"That Train"
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That Train Listen
A Lonely Jester Listen
All That Remains Listen
Weed & Feed Listen
Tiff's Soquel Listen
Richard Hatch (The Tradesman) Listen
Ojibwa Listen
Back Door Listen
Night Wanderer Listen
Light Of Dawn Listen
Locomotive Rag (Part 1) Listen
Locomotive Rag (Part 2) Listen
Tom also appears on Shoulder To The Stone - a compilation
(2010) CD

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my Genre:  Folk    Bluegrass
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