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Town Walsh
©2011 Independently released
Review by Lucky Boyd


Town Walsh turns in his debut offering with a message.  Walsh declares that he will not be like all the others.  He will not have twelve songs that all sound the same.  He will make sure you don’t forget hearing this album.  The message is received loud and clear.  From the opening track, you’ll notice something a little different.  Walsh’s instrumentation is an unexpected fresh look at Texas music delivery.  Instead of pounding out tune after tune of equally orchestrated band tracks with the vocal buried somewhere, Walsh makes you understand his voice is an instrument, too.  The featured solo instrument on every track is Walsh himself.  Unlike so many who simply mouth the lyrics while blowing air across the vocal cords, Walsh actually performs each song.  By the end of the disc, not only have you been thoroughly entertained, you have come to know the distinct tonal quality and unique features of Walsh’s voice.  Unique is an illusive rung on the ladder of musical success, but Walsh has claimed it as a platform, and is prepared to climb with fervor and purpose.  From sparsely acoustic tracks, to fully orchestrated numbers, Town Walsh offers an array of diverse tunes while staying within his Americana genre.  Easily adapted to any mood, Walsh is a musical chameleon, garnering fans with his well-written stories and his imaginative delivery. 

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