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Tracy Weinberg
©2011 Independently released
Review by Lucky Boyd


I don’t know if Tracy Weinberg intends to record a long list of albums or not, but his first recording has come as he is firmly planted in quinquagerianism.  Some may say that’s a little behind schedule for stardom, but it’s right on time if you’re Tracy Weinberg.  Adept at little known instruments such as the dojo and banjola, Weinberg is no newcomer to picking and songwriting.  His influences are blues, swing, and folk, and you’ll find them blended well on this baker’s dozen of highly entertaining tunes.  Weinberg pens a dozen and garners a stellar list of pickers including Warren Hood and Chip Dolan. (yes THE Chip Dolan)  Check out Greg Whitfield’s guitar work on “One In A Million.”  The disc is recorded and co-produced by fellow MTM member and Texas Music Award nominee Tommy Byrd, who captures Weinberg’s performances in masterful fashion.  Weinberg’s voice is almost Satchmo-esque at times, and otherwise true, clear, and inviting as he winds through the stories and melodies with ease.  Life songs, love songs, and songs of inspiration encapsulate Weinberg’s writing.  Byrd has done a great job of putting Weinberg’s dynamics together, and from the list of pickers, it was probably a life’s pleasure for Tracy to build this album.  The project showcases Weinberg’s range of writing and performing talent, and if he never releases another album, this one will serve for all time as a true testament to the passion embodied by a man who lived his life and then lived to write about it.

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