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Trip Hunt
©2011 Independently released

Review by Lucky Boyd


Those who know music can tell you about something called a ‘natural progression.’  However, life has its own laws of natural progression.  When you look at the musical career of Trip Hunt, his latest offering, PADRE ISLAND TIME, is the result of natural progression.  Throughout his recording career, he has released several themed albums, including a traditional blues album, a tribute to Townes Van Zandt, and a collection of improvisations and other songs that pay homage to those with whom he has collaborated over the years.  Upon his retirement from the ‘real world’ and relocation to the picturesque southern coast of Texas, it was only a matter of time that Hunt would release a tribute to coastal life, and here it is.  PADRE ISLAND TIME is a collection of twenty-two tunes, penned or co-written by Hunt, that range in influence from Beach Boys to Buffett, from the British invasion to Sixties folk music, and from traditional Americana to simple geographical inspiration.  Hunt’s topics range from relaxation to conservation, history to misery, formal to paranormal, and goof to aloof.  Classically trained as a musician and performer, Hunt is as diverse as you could imagine with well-orchestrated key and time signature changes, while managing to create an entertaining project.  As themed projects often do, this one will leave you wanting to hear all of Hunt’s albums.  Give a listen and decide which is best for you, but all in all this disc is a good place to start.  Parrotheads have another performer to add to their ranks, and you just might see Hunt performing at tropical events all over the state now that he has some spare time… albeit PADRE ISLAND TIME.

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