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Tubie Pushée
©2009 Independently released
Review by Lucky Boyd


Tubie is back with another episode of the blues, this time every corner of the genre is explored, from the swampy to the traditional.  There’s even an ‘Island’ feel to “Look To Any Corner.”  The musicianship is excellent on this release as Tubie Pushée has mastered the delivery of blues music.  The softer side comes out on “My Dream” which is a more country-feeling track.  The guitar work is typical Tubie, accurate, appropriate, and amazing.  All of Tubie’s albums are great for leaving in the player for extended periods.  Great for listening, but also fantastic for providing a mood.  A favorite cut is “The NyQuil Blues” which, in addition to a great musical effort, is a lyrical treasure, written by my good friend Herb Steiner.  Tubie does a great job on Herb’s tune.  This is Pushée’s third release, and it’s one that solidifies him as a blues mainstay in Texas. 

State: 12 cuts, 9 penned by Pushée (BMI), 1 co-write, 2 covers; Produced by Granger Smith, Michael Holleman, and Taylor Pushée; Appearances: Pushée, Holleman, Brian Lippman, Skot Jakubiec, Kent South, Mitch Connell, Leanne Swenson; jewel case; 4/1 panel insert, grayscale screened disc, replicated, running time approx. 42 minutes.

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