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Tubie Pushée
©2008 Independently released
Review by Lucky Boyd


From the opening “Upside Down” Tubie Pushée sets the bar for this album with a real thinker set in an exciting blues feel.  Throughout the disc you’ll find several blues styles, all of them excellently executed.  From rock to swamp to folky blues, Pushée offers a diverse setting for his sophomore project.  Penning most of the cuts himself, Pushée swings the pendulum vocally as well.  His rough style is perfect for “Talk To Me Blues” (written by Dennis Hammond) and he uses his ‘inside’ voice for “The H.R. Dept. Blues,” which is the kind of song you could only write if you’ve lived it.  Poor sap.  You’ll hear an array of guitar work, and while the licks aren’t wrapped in an L.A. style polish, they are truly Texan, and each one seems to be the perfect choice for it’s respective track.  I’m impressed with this second release and I think it elevates Pushée to a new level among blues players in Texas.  Without question, he can hold his own at any blues festival in the state.  Pushée has remained true to his artistic control on this album and has offered fans a diverse release with some real gems on board.  I listened to this album three times all the way through before capturing my thoughts on the project.  It’s comfortable in that respect and it has a decent flow that keeps you listening.  True Blues fans will flock to this album. 

Stats:  12 cuts, 8 penned by Taylor Pushee (BMI), 1 co-write with Skot Jakubiec, cover of P. Mayfield, cover of Dennis Hammond;  Produced by Granger Smith and Taylor Pushee; Appearances:  Pushee, Micheal Holleman, Brian Lippman,  Smith, Jakubiec, Greg Phelps, John clark Towslee, Terrell Gay, Dr. Bob Wilkes, Mitch Connell; jewel case; 4/2 panel insert; liner notes; screened disc; replicated; running time approx 53 minutes.

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