Vanessa Peters
& Ice Cream On Mondays

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Sweetheart, Keep
Your Chin Up
(2009) CD
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Song Clips
from Sweetheart...
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Good News (The Siren Song) Listen
The War (Odysseus's Song) Listen
The Next Big Bang (Penelope's Song) Listen
Austin, I Made A Mess Listen
Drowning In Amsterdam Listen
Medals Listen
Keep Your Chin Up (Misunderstood) Listen
The Grammar Of A Sinking Ship Listen
First Lesson Listen
Coming To Meet Me Listen
Saint Anthony (Lost Things) Listen
Just Down Listen
A Million Little Rocks Listen
Okay From Now On Listen
Little Films 
(2006) CD
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Song Clips
from Little Films

Little Films Listen
Love Story Listen
Anti-Hero Listen
Such Good Actors Listen
Signposts Listen
Moving Day Listen
Amelia Listen
No Sense Listen
Never Been Good Listen
Bonnie & Clyde Listen
Big Time Underground Listen
Fireworks Listen
Parting Scene Listen
Bonus Track Listen
Blackout EP
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Song Clips
from Blackout

Never Been Good Listen
Afford To Pretend Listen
Such Good Actors Listen
Blackout Listen
The Hero And The Heroine Listen
Vanessa Peters & Ice Cream on Mondays...
"Thin Thread" CD
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Song Clips
from Thin Thread

Burning Cross Listen
After I'm Gone Listen
The Maybe Love Song Listen
You're Losing Me Listen
Gone Listen
Apple Green And Charcoal Gray Listen
So Long To Get Here Listen
It's Been A Long Time Listen
Hooked Listen
Borrowed Time Listen
Canceled Listen
A Few Nights' Confusion Listen
Thin Thread Listen
So What Listen
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Song Clips

"You're Losing Me" from Sparkler
"January" from Mirabilandia (out of print)
"Science Of Memory And Forgetting" from Mirabilandia (out of print)

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my Hometown:  Austin, Texas
my Genre:   Americana   Folk
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