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Vince Bell

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One Man's Music
(2009) CD

Song Clips
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100 Miles From Mexico Listen
I've Had Enough Listen
The Other Side Listen
Sun & Moon & Stars Listen
Frankenstein (by Gary Burgess) Listen
Pair Of Dice Listen
Queen Street Listen
Bermuda Triangle Listen
Mirror, Mirror Listen
2nd Street Listen
The Beast Listen
Hard Road Listen
Woman Of The Phoenix Listen
One Man's Music Listen

One Man's Music
(2009) BOOK
Paperback (261 pp.)


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Kathleen Hudson
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Vince, Jinelle & Lucky Boyd
(MTM Co-founders)

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(2007) CD

Song Clips
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Isla Listen
Give Chance A Chance Listen
Where The Late Night Crowd Is Led Listen
Ranch Land Listen
Done That Too Listen
Gypsy Listen
Caribbe Listen
Labor Of Love Listen
Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold Listen
Even Cowboys Get The Blues Listen
Goodnight Lullaby Listen

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Live In Texas
(CD out of print!)

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Song Clips
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Say That You Will Listen
Let You Leave Listen
Folk Song Listen
The Other Side Listen
Queen Street Listen
Game of Chances Listen
Sundown In Her Eyes Listen
Local Charm Listen
Slowly Listen
Tokyo Listen
Two Lane Blacktop Listen

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