From the Wade Bowen website:
Six years of playing the Texas music scene is quite a long time in some eyes but for Wade Bowen it is just the strong foundation to the beginning of an exciting stage in his musical career. With the buzz he has created for himself and his music, the doors have started to open and the attention of people in the music business, artists and fans have turned to Wade Bowen. ďWhat an amazing talent this guy is. Iíve toured with him, Iíve written with him, and I can say heís a stand up guy with a strong sense of melody,Ē Pat Green said.

ďI think our biggest strength is the fact that you canít really define the music that we do,Ē Wade Bowen said. Itís a unique blend of rock and country thatís hard to describe other than the fact that itís just good music.

Since the decision to make the transition from the original band name West 84, Wade and his band members (Matt Miller, Evin Philbrick, Kevin Sciou, Casey Twist) have focused on the business of their music and performance, and have excelled to the forefront of the Texas music scene.

Their third and latest album to date, The Blue Light Live, released in May of 2003 has sold several thousand copies and grabbed the support and loyalty of fans throughout Texas and the southern part of the country.

Wade was nominated and awarded 2004 Male Vocalist of the Year by and The Blue Light Live was also nominated and awarded for 2004 Album of the Year by The album was also nominated for Live Album of the Year by during their 2004 Gruene with Envy awards.

Along with the awards and credits, Wade has attained a regional sponsorship from Budweiser. This sponsorship will push his name to further outlets and markets with publicity and promotion throughout the southern region. With the progress of beginning stages of a new studio album, and the increased touring and support on large scale shows of crowds up to 20,000, Wade Bowen is becoming a name that people know and respect. He will be an artist who will be successful and around for years attracting many new fans and people to his creative music and tremendous talent in the near months to come.