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Voices of a Grateful
Nation - Volume One
(Texas Rock, Blues & Folk)
(2008) CD

Song Clips
from Volume ONE
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"I'm Comin' Home" - Jesse Dayton Listen
"Welcome Home" - Malford Milligan, Mike Cross & Carolyn Wonderland Listen
"Mother of Mercy" - Gaelic Storm Listen
"Letter Home" - Del Castillo Band Listen
"As A Nation" - "Innocent" Chris Forbes & Marybeth Carolan Listen
"This Land" - Jimmy LaFave Listen
"Soldiers Plea" - W.C. Clark & porterdavis Listen
"For The Weight Of The World" - Project Oryon Listen
"Everyone Has Faded" - Sally Allen & Bukka Allen Listen
"Homesick Soldier" - Marc Benno & Will Owen Gage Listen
"Sparrows" - Dustin Welch Listen
"Don't Try To Fight It" - Kevin Welch, Kieran Kane, Fats Kaplan & Lucas Kane Listen
"Right Here With Me" - The Band of Heathens Listen
"That's What I'm Doing Here" - Bill Carter & The Blame with Chris Layton, Charlie Sexton & Will Sexton Listen
"Welcome Back" - Rusty Wier Listen
"We'll Have Peace Some Day" - Lavelle White & Guitar Shorty Listen
BONUS: "La Letra" - Del Castillo Band Listen
Voices of a Grateful
Nation - Volume Two
(Texas Country & Americana)
(2008) CD

Song Clips
from Volume TWO
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"The Boy I Left Behind" - Deryl Dodd & Jon Christopher Davis Listen
"Mr. Soldier" - Brandon Rhyder Listen
"Shipping Out To Iraq Blues" - Jesse Dayton & Johnny Bush Listen
"Robe of White" - Charlie Louvin & Brennen Leigh Listen
"Soldier's Prayer" - Mike Cross & Robyn Ludwick Listen
"Hey Soldier" - James Hand & Lisa Hayes Listen
"Preacher" - Guthrie Kennard Listen
"Motherless Children" - Terri Hendrix Listen
"Soldiers In The Alley" - Walt & Tina Wilkins Listen
"Till Then" - Ray Benson Listen
"The Great Divide" - Will Callery Listen
"West Texas" - Davin James & Gary P. Nunn Listen
"Home Again" - Jeff Plankenhorn & Michael O'Connor Listen
"Fences" - Mark Jungers & Susan Gibson Listen
"Ten Thousand Miles Away" - Tom Faulkner Listen
"Ragged Old Flag" - R.B. Lindsay & Mickey Raphael Listen
BONUS: "Soldier's Poem" - Michael Martin Murphey & the Rio Grande Band Listen

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